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Children's theater group will perform at NMSU June 24

New Mexico State University's Department of Theatre Arts will present "The Storyteller: Legends from the Southwest" at 5:30 p.m. Friday, June 24, at the Hershel Zohn Theatre.

From right: Child actors Alexis Smith, Jennifer Hanssen, Eiden Rische-Bloom, Sierra Landrum and Donald Martinez act out a scene from "The Storyteller: Legends of the Southwest," a play they will perform as part of the summer Children's Theatre Workshop. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

formance is part of the Children's Theater Workshop, where elementary and middle school students have attended classes since June 6. The play consists of eight story scenes of the Southwest, including the legend of La Llorona and a story scene of how the mesa got its name.

Ruth Cantrell, Theatre Arts department head, has directed the workshop for 20 years. She wrote this year's play and has allowed the students to include seven of their own stories of why the coyote howls into the performance.

"It has really been delightful," Cantrell said. "It was fun to let them come up with their own attitudes, ideas and characters."

Admission is free. For more information call (505) 646-4517.