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Hewlett Packard gives $120,000 grant to NMSU

Students at New Mexico State University will soon be reaping the benefits of updated technology with the recent award of a $120,000 HP Technology for Teaching Leadership Grant.

nt is awarded as part of a collaboration between the NMSU Colleges of Education and Engineering that began three years ago. They have found that technology is effective in new ways of teaching and learning involving hands-on activities.

"This is really putting new technology in the hands of students as soon as they get to school," said Susan W. Brown, project director with the Educational Research Center, College of Education. "It is opening up their lessons and making their classes more relevant."

NMSU will receive HP Tablet PCs, docking stations, digital cameras, printers and digital projectors for faculty, plus 40 HP Tablet PCs for student use. The technology will be used mainly by incoming freshman engineering students entering Math 115 or as part of a cluster, a group of students who are placed in the same classes, such as English, math and science.

In the past, using advanced technology in supplemental instruction for an introductory math course, NMSU saw a 300 percent increase in the number of students earning an A or B.

NMSU is one of 10 colleges and universities and 15 public schools to receive this award, which totals $2.1 million in cash and equipment. The recipients were chosen, in part, because of their success in integrating technology into the classroom, their positive impact on student achievement and their plans to further their programs.

The HP Technology for Teaching program aims to improve student success through the innovative implementation of mobile technology in the classroom, with an emphasis on creating sustainable advances in teaching and learn