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NMSU Regents, President Martin agree on goals for 2005-06

New Mexico State University President Michael Martin earned high marks for his first year at the university's helm - and a set of goals and objectives for his second and subsequent years - as part of his first annual evaluation by the NMSU Board of Regents.

gents as a whole believe that Mike did an outstanding job during his first year as president," Board of Regents President Bob Gallagher said. "He has proven to be an effective leader, communicator and visionary. He has worked very hard and earned the respect and trust of business, political, donor, alumni and other groups that are so important to our university."

At the top of the list of goals and objectives agreed upon by the regents and Martin for 2005-06 are growth in enrollment, retention and graduation rates; growth in private fund raising; and growth in research funding. Gallagher described the goals and objectives as "an overall look at where we want the university to be a year from now and in subsequent years."

Under the terms of his employment contract, Martin received the same 2.25 percent pay increase faculty and staff received for the 2005-06 fiscal year that began July 1, bringing his salary to $281,187.50. At the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2006, the regents will evaluate progress on the goals and objectives and consider a possible performance incentive payment.

"One of the things we absolutely understand as a critical role of the regents is to ensure excellence in the president's office, which we believe we have accomplished, as well as to assure continuity in the president's office, which we have addressed and will continue to address in the future," Gallagher said.

In addition to growth in enrollment, private fund raising and research dollars, the goals and objectives agreed upon by the regents and the president include improving program integration between NMSU's main campus and its community college campuses, implementing efficiencies to reduce costs and improve responsiveness while maintaining a commitment to excellence, and fostering community and statewide visibility.

Gallagher said the goals and objectives build on the accomplishments of Martin's first year.

"Some of the highlights that we discussed are the 'one university' concept that is being implemented, his work to reach out to our other campuses around the state and include them in all of our activities, and his utilization and plans to further utilize our Cooperative Extension Service offices in every county of the state to broaden the scope of the work they perform," he said.

"We have been especially impressed with his efforts to reach out to faculty, staff and students with good, open communications, and bring them in to the decision-making process," Gallagher added.

Gallagher also praised Martin's "ability to deliver the message that New Mexico State University is an outstanding educational institution and will continue to strive to perform in an excellent manner in everything we do."

"We look forward to many more outstanding years with Mike at the helm," he said.