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NMSU theater assistant professor wins national playwriting contest

Tom Smith, assistant professor of Theatre Arts at New Mexico State University, won the 2005 Jovialities Entertainment one-minute play contest for his play "The Negotiations of Medieval Marriage."

Tom Smith, NMSU assistant professor of theater, won a national playwriting contest and received recognition at an Alaskan playwriting festival. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

The play explores a knight and maiden negotiating rules for their impending marriage.

"I thought it was a great challenge to write a play with interesting characters and a real plot that only plays for one minute on the stage," Smith said. "It was a real challenge to be so specific with my words."

Additionally, Smith's one-act play "Autumn's Child," was one of 70 plays selected to be read at the 2005 Last Frontier Theatre Conference held in Valdez, Alaska, last month. The play was recognized in the July 5 issue of BackStage, a magazine read internationally by the entertainment industry.

"It's really rewarding to see my work recognized, particularly in resources like BackStage," Smith said. "It's been very encouraging for my playwriting career."

Smith also has written plays for the Las Cruces theater scene, including "Life as a Springer Show: A You-Choose Comedy" and "Caffeinated Love," which will be presented by Lo-Fi Productions this month.