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Students set to perform in autobiographical play

The lives of 20 students in the ¡Aquí se Puede! program will unfold on stage in New Mexico State University's Corbett Center Auditorium at 7 p.m. May 5 in a play titled: "La Voz de Cruces: La Vida Loca."

and performed by students in the program, the play ties the experiences of the students together into one story. Admission is free.

Lisa Bond-Maupin, program director, said, "The play is about the struggles kids have with adults, alcohol, drugs, gangs and violence. Each year, as we leave the script up to the students, they come up with one that reflects these themes. It tells us about their lives and the relative lack of hope that they feel. There is often little redemption in their work and we have to work to encourage hopeful reflection."

Bradford Glover, program coordinator, said students learn collaboration and positive ways of dealing with conflict through the creative work on the play. They created the setting, the characters and the script. The production crew read the script and created the set for the play. Crew members have been busy paining, drawing and building the set and props. A publicity crew has been making fliers, posters programs and working with the local media.

¡Aquí se Puede! is an NMSU Family Life Center program funded through a federal grant.

It serves students enrolled in special education and alternative education high-school programs in the Las Cruces Public School District. Students receive credit for their participation and can gain work-related skills through the program.

The program is designed to target factors that place youth at risk for experiencing or perpetrating violence, and to strengthen factors that protect them from violence. NMSU students, staff and faculty serve as mentors, guides, arts facilitators and teachers.