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NMSU freshman enrollment up more than 23 percent

New freshman enrollment at New Mexico State University is up more than 23 percent from last fall, NMSU President William B. Conroy told the university's Board of Regents today.

As of Thursday, new freshmen registered at the main NMSU campus totaled 2,418, up from 1,952 at the same time last year. That's an increase of 23.9 percent.

Conroy and Vice President for Administration Juan N. Franco said the dramatic growth in the number of freshmen students can be attributed to a number of factors, including strong recruiting and marketing efforts, larger high school graduating classes, new scholarship programs, in-state tuition rates for Texas residents within a 135-mile radius of the NMSU campus, and the reputation that New Mexico State has for caring about students and for providing them with a quality educational experience.

Franco said new freshman enrollment is up in all six of NMSU's academic colleges, led by the College of Engineering with a 44 percent growth, the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, 40.8 percent, and College of Education, 34.3 percent.

Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Wolf said the freshman enrollment increase is the largest in her 24 years with New Mexico State University.

Also notable this fall is an increased interest in on-campus housing. As of Wednesday, 3,231 students were registered to live in single-student housing on campus, compared with 2,952 at the same point last year. That's an increase of about 9.5 percent.

Missy Giacomelli, associate director of Housing and Residence Life, said the campus residence halls were at 100 percent occupancy for male students and about 96 percent for women.

Complete, official enrollment statistics will not be available until early September, after the deadline for registering and adding courses. NMSU officials are anticipating the overall enrollment at the main campus will be up from last fall's 15,067.