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New Mexico State University serves Hispanic graduate students

New Mexico State University was recognized for its dedication to minority graduate education in the July 14 issue of Black Issues in Higher Education, which looked at the top 100 producers of graduate and professional degrees awarded to minority students.

s ranked 23rd for both doctorates and master's degrees awarded to Hispanic students in all disciplines.

"These rankings represent NMSU's commitment to serve the diverse populations of New Mexico and the southwest," NMSU Provost William Flores said. "We are proud of our rankings and are committed to continue to expand programs that serve minority students."
Flores said NMSU is increasing the number of minority students from out-of-state.
NMSU ranked fifth in master's degrees awarded to Hispanics in English language and literature, ninth in master's degrees awarded to Hispanic students in the field of biology and 11th in master's degrees in engineering awarded to Hispanic students.

NMSU joined Arizona State University in ranking eighth in the number of doctorates in education awarded to Hispanics.

NMSU ranked 20th in master's degrees in education awarded to Hispanic students, 37th in master's degrees in English language and literature and 39th in master's degrees in social sciences and history awarded to Hispanic students.

NMSU ranked 21st in master's degrees awarded in education to American Indian students and 33rd in master's degrees awarded to American Indians in all disciplines combined. The university ranked 30th in the total number of doctorates awarded to minorities in the physical sciences, joining Johns Hopkins, Cornell and Howard.