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NMSU teams up with university in Spain for international conference

New Mexico State University and the Universidad de Valencia are joining forces to co-host an international conference in Valencia, Spain.

universities will present "Beyond the Black Legend: Spain and the Scientific Revolution" Sept. 21-24 in the Universidad International Menendez Pelayo. Participants will come from the United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland and Brazil.

William Eamon, dean of NMSU's Honors College, said the conference was the first of its kind in examining this particular subject.

"We are trying to move the history of science beyond the Black Legend," Eamon said.

The Black Legend was the belief set forth by Protestants that Spain was a "backwards country" based on Catholicism and incapable of scientific advances.

The Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries has traditionally been regarded as one of the most important landmarks of Western history. For a variety of reasons, its history has been written, for the most part, from the perspective of the North Atlantic world, with England and France at the forefront and Germany and Italy close behind. The Iberian world, which includes Spain and Portugal, has been largely absent from the history, despite the fact that for the past 30 years an immense amount of research has been generated on the subject. Eamon says the conference will explore the Black Legend's involvement in the lack of history from the viewpoint of Iberia.

For more information on the conference, contact the Honors College at (505) 646-2005 or visit http://honors.nmsu.edu/black_legend.