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NMSU receives $463,421 award from the National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation has awarded New Mexico State University $463,421 to purchase a transmission electron microscope and other equipment that can be used across disciplines to enhance research and teaching at the university.

w microscope will be used to study fine structures of various biological and non-biological specimens," said Soumitra Ghoshroy, director of the NMSU Electron Microscopy Lab. "It will help faculty and students explore various components of a cell and will play a major role in the nanotechnology research initiative on campus."

The state-of-the art microscope will be used by a large group of scientists from biological and biomedical sciences, engineering, and agronomy, Ghoshroy said. It could also be used to detect and identify bioterrorism-related substances.

"The newly acquired instruments will be made available to all potential users from various other departments across campus and they will be invaluable for the lab's strong teaching mission and local community outreach activities," Ghoshroy said.

It will replace a 20-year-old microscope that presents problems when it breaks down.

"Teaching and everyone's research are put on hold until we receive the necessary parts," Ghoshroy said.

While the bulk of the NSF funding will pay the cost of the electron microscope, it will also cover the cost of a digital camera and an ultramicrotome, an instrument used to cut thin sections of specimens for microscopic examination.

For more information about the NMSU Electron Microscopy Lab, visit http://emldata.nmsu.edu/eml. For additional information about the National Science Foundation funding, visit http://nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=0520956