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New Mexico State University to study athletics program

New Mexico State University will conduct a year-long, campuswide study of its athletics program as part of the NCAA Division I athletics certification program, President Michael Martin has announced.

o be covered by the study include academics, gender equity, governance and rules compliance.

Co-chairing the committee responsible for the study will be Joe Creed, assistant dean and professor emeritus of engineering, and Jim McDonough, vice president for business and finance. The committee will include President Martin, representatives of faculty, staff and students, athletics department personnel, and community representatives.

The university's self-study report is due to the NCAA in May 2006. It is NMSU's second athletics certification self-study. The first was completed in 1996 and the university is currently certified.

Within each area to be studied, the certification program has standards, called operating principles, that were adopted by the association as a "measuring stick" by which Division I members are evaluated.

After the university has completed its study, an external team of reviewers will conduct a two-day minimum evaluation visit on campus. The reviewers will be peers from other colleges, universities or conference offices.

That team will report to the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification, another independent group. The committee will then determine the university's certification status and announce the decision publicly.

NMSU Athletics Director McKinley Boston is a member of the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification. He will recuse himself during the committee's discussion of NMSU's certification.

The three options of certification status are certified, certified with conditions, and not certified. While universities have an opportunity to correct deficient areas, those that do not take corrective actions may be ruled ineligible for NCAA championships.

The NCAA athletics certification program for Division I members began 12 years ago, following a pilot project. The Division I membership supported the athletics certification program and its standards at the 1993 NCAA Convention. At the 1997 NCAA Convention, the Division I membership voted to change the frequency of certification from every five years to every 10 years, with a five-year interim-status report.