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2005 NMSU annual student jewelry sale

Unique, hand-made and originally designed jewelry pieces will be featured at the annual New Mexico State University student jewelry sale, hosted by the Metals and Jewelry program in the Arts Department, in the lobby of D.W. Williams Hall from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31.

dent jewelry sale, established more than 20 years ago, will feature original student-created pieces made out of different materials such as sterling silver, enameled copper, fur, anodized aluminum and laminated color plastics. Each student featured in the sale was assigned to make 20 pieces of originally conceived and crafted jewelry and develop packaging ideas.

"The students work very hard at both design development and in the making of the pieces," said Julia Barello, associate professor of art.

Thirty percent of the sale profits go to the Metal and Jewelry department, while 70 percent of the profits go to the students themselves.

"This gives us the opportunity to get our work out there. The department helps us branch out. It's a great start for students," art student Theresa Montoya, said.

The sale is also in time for the holidays.
"The jewelry makes great gifts for the holiday shopping," Barello said. "Lots of our return shoppers do the bulk of their Christmas holiday shopping at this sale because the jewelry is ready to give and is very inexpensive."

One of the challenges of the students' assignment was to make the jewelry pieces within a particular cost framework, Barello said. Most pieces featured will be under $15 dollars.

"Get there early because it sells out very quickly and it gets very crowded," Montoya suggested.

For more information contact Julia Barello at (505) 646-1705.