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4-H members receive awards

Youth from across the state were honored with awards and scholarships at the 83rd annual State 4-H Conference held at New Mexico State University.

ng to Amy Zemler, the 4-H youth activities specialist for NMSU, more than 350 youth members, assisted by 120 adult volunteers, competed in various contests such as public speaking, home economics demonstrations and livestock judging. Some members also participated in a talent show.

"In these contests the youth are competing against other youth from all over the state to win opportunities to attend the national competitions and hold state titles," said Zemler. The two counties with the most representation at the conference were Doņa Ana and Chaves.

In addition to plaques and medals, first-place winners of nine specified contests received $500 scholarships from NMSU's College of Agriculture and Home Economics. These high-point individuals are Charlie Woodall of Doņa Ana County for the category of Agriculture Presentation, Anastasia Coriz of Rio Arriba County for Home Economics Presentation, Kassi Grooms of Doņa Ana County for General Presentation, Jacob Dunlap of Hidalgo County for Prepared Public Speaking, Kelsey Chandler of Eddy County for Consumer Decision Making, Kaycee McDaniel of Lea County for Horse Judging, Denny Burnett of Eddy County for Livestock Judging, Kirsty Forrest of Curry County for Fashion Revue Creative Touches and Amelia Clayshulte of Doņa Ana County for Horticulture. An additional scholarship for $400 was provided by the NMSU entomology department to the entomology high-point individual Bryce Richard of Valencia County.

First place teams and first place individuals are listed below by county:

Hippology team: Gina MacFarlane, Irene Johnson and Calley Thompson. Hippology high-point individual: Gina MacFarlane. Horse Bowl team: Gina MacFarlane, Irene Johnson, Calley Thompson and Mathew Stallard. Horse Bowl first high-point individual: Gina MacFarlane. Home Economics Bowl team: Clinton Galloway, Hayley Sparks, Tori Cogdill, Carlee Carman. Fashion Review Specialty high-point individual: Gabrille Aragon.

Range Management team: Andrew Van Winkle, Amanda Corn, Megan Van Winkle and Jed Dunn. Range Management high-point individual: Jed Dunn. Crops Judging team: Ashley Coley, Amanda Corn, Megan Van Winkle and Skyler Pierce. Fashion Revue Casual Wear high-point individual: Dar-Lyn Jones.

Home Economics Skill-a-thon team: Kirsty Forrest, Kayla Hinrichs and Chelsea Hinrichs. Home Economics Skill-a-thon high-point individual: Kirsty Forrest. Fashion Revue Creative Touches high-point individual: Kirsty Forrest. Favorite Foods contest high-point individual: Kaitlen Glover. Land Judging team: Kevin Estes, Bryce Lockmiller, Cory Allen and Aaron Belcher. Fashion Review Formal Wear high-point individual: Kayla Hendrichs.

Fashion Magic Wardrobe Planning high-point individual: Courtney Kyle.

Wildlife Habitat Evaluation high-point individual: Joseph Clayshulte. Agriculture Presentations high-point individual: Charlie Woodall. Impromptu Public Speaking high-point individual: Dave Lowry. Horticulture team: Grady Gray, Brenna Perez, Chelsea Howard and Amelia Clayshulte. Horticulture high-point individual: Amelia Clayshulte. General Presentations high-point individual: Kassi Grooms. First place in vocal portion of talent show: Travis Simpson. First place in drama portion of talent show: Thomas Judd. First place in poetry portion of talent show: Adorah Gonzalez.

Consumer Decision Making team: Denny Burnett, Jordan Blount, Courtney Klein and Kelsey Chandler. Consumer Decision Making high-point individual: Kelsey Chandler. Livestock Judging team: Denny Burnett, Tory Burnett, Courtney Klein and Allison Klein. Livestock Judging high-point individual: Denny Burnett. Crops Judging high-point individual: Kelsey Chandler. Meats Identification team: Bryce Elkins, Denny Burnett, Tory Burnett and Courtney Klein. Land Judging high-point individual: Denny Burnett. Dairy Judging team: Leticia Varelas, Courtney Klein, Allison Klein and Kelsey Chandler. Dairy Judging high-point individual: Kelsey Chandler. Wool Judging team: Ryan Elkins, Tad Menefee and Bryce Elkins.

Wool Judging high-point individual: Shannon Norris.

Livestock Skill-a-thon high-point individual: Courtney Mitchell.

Prepared Public Speaking high-point individual: Jacob Dunlap.

Dairy Bowl team: Austin Etheridge, Kaycee McDaniel, Samantha Stroud, Adriana Garcia and Stefanie Neuhous. Horse Judging team: Samantha Stroud, Kaycee McDaniel, Cooper McDaniel and Zach Ozborn. Horse Judging high-point individual: Kaycee McDaniel.

Home Economics Presentation high-point individual: Anastasia Coriz.

Horse Public Speaking high-point individual: Ellie Powell.

First place in the musical portion of the talent contest: Erica Sichler on piano. Parliamentary Procedure team: Jessica Pound, Monica Bernal, Catherine Blythe, Shawna McLain, Matthew Harris and Phillip Zuni.

Meats Identification high-point individual: Clayton Gardner. Livestock Skill-a-thon team: Katelyn Riley, Belynn Sharp, Jerra McMath and Clayton Gardner.

Fashion Magic - In The Marketplace high-point individual: Jennifer Driskell. Entomology team: Michael Barger, Bryce Richard and Zachary Romero. Entomology high-point individual: Bryce Richard. Wildlife Habitat Evaluation team: Chris Meadors, Dustie Powell, Traci Galemore and Tim Huerena. First place in the choreographed routine portion of the talent contest: Megan Meadors.

The 4-H Youth Development Program was implemented in1902 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to introduce improved methods of farming and homemaking throughout the country. Today it is the largest youth organization in the world with approximately 7 million members in America alone and programs in 80 additional countries. There are more than 75,000 members in New Mexico assisted by 11,000 adult volunteers. Programs include an array of life skills education from family living to animal science, leadership and the arts.

Note: Individual and team photos will be available of most recipients upon request. Contact Darren Phillips, chief photographer, University Communications and Marketing Services; (505) 646-1990; darrenp@nmsu.edu.

Mickelle Spendlove
Sept. 8, 2006