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NMSU Experts available to discuss State of the Union Address

Following President Bush's State of the Union Address Tuesday, Jan. 23, the following experts from New Mexico State University will be available to talk with the media. It is expected that the president will address current and future plans for U.S. involvement in Iraq and other areas in the Middle East, as well as domestic issues such as energy and education.


Yosef Lapid is the academic head of the NMSU Department of Government. His research interests include the Middle East; identity, borders and security studies; theories of international relations; the philosophy of social science; and more. Lapid has authored and co-authored books and articles on such subjects as "The Return of Culture and Identity in International Relations" (re-issued in Chinese by Zhejiang People's Press in 2003) and "Identities, Borders, Orders: Rethinking International Relations Theory." He was a co-founder and chair of the Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration Section (ENMISA) of the International Studies Association and served on the editorial boards of such publications as "International Studies Quarterly," the "Journal of International Relations," and "Development, Millennium and Geopolitics." Since 2001, he has been the lead editor of a book series on culture, religion and international relations. He may be reached at his office (505) 646-1645, on his cell at (505) 312-0706 or via e-mail at ylapid@nmsu.edu.


Abbas Ghassemi is director of the Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEE) in the College of Engineering at NMSU. He can discuss energy policy and the prospects for developing alternative and renewable energy sources - biofuels, solar cell systems, fuel cell technologies and others. The IEE comprises three research units in the College of Engineering - WERC: A Consortium for Environmental Education and Technology Development; the Southwest Technology Development Institute, a renewable energy research and development group; and the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center, a nuclear waste-management and monitoring center. Ghassemi may be reached at his office at (505) 646-2357, on his cell at (505) 644-5094 or via e-mail at aghassem@nmsu.edu.


Michael Morehead, associate dean in the College of Education, has been an educator since 1971. His experiences include teaching at the middle and high school level as well as being an administrator in secondary schools. Morehead has held positions in higher education at three universities and is a recognized scholar in teacher education. His primary research agenda involves teacher education, program quality, student internships and accreditation. Morehead has been involved extensively with K-12 education throughout his career and has been instrumental in establishing linkages and outreach initiatives that foster collaboration between higher education and public schools. In the last three years, Morehead has been instrumental in establishing the Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning - a collaborative between New Mexico State University, K-12 education and other agencies that support teaching and learning in New Mexico. This collaborative has been involved in numerous activities assisting schools in meeting the requirements outlined in No Child Left Behind. Morehead may be reached at his office at (505) 646-2498, at his home (505) 522-7465 or via e-mail at mmorehea@nmsu.edu.