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New project to honor NMSU women

To recognize and honor women's contributions to the campus community, New Mexico State University is launching "The Milestone Project: Every 28 Days."

The Milestone Project, sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Women's Studies Steering Committee, will host an event periodically throughout the spring semester to honor and celebrate the passages in the lives of the community of women at NMSU.

The first event will be from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 25, in the Otero Room in Corbett Center Student Union.

Lisa Bond-Maupin, the director of the Women's Studies Program at NMSU, said each event will have a different theme. January's theme will be "Beginnings: New Women in Academe."

"The first event will be a welcoming for women who have arrived recently and just begun working at NMSU," said Bond-Maupin.

Bond-Maupin said though the project is geared to NMSU's women faculty, staff, graduate students, teaching assistants and part-time faculty, everyone is welcome to come.

"Working on campus can become kind of isolating, so we are trying to create more of a community of women among the university women," Bond-Maupin said.

She said that each event also will have a form of artistic expression and this month's event will be poetry.

The other two events will be held in February and April and will have the themes of "Thriving: Families, Careers, Communities," and "Achievements: Valuing Women's Contributions."

There will be various events throughout March honoring women in science and technology to celebrate Women's History Month.

Bond-Maupin said the idea for the Milestone Project came from two separate project ideas. Both the Women's Studies Steering Committee and Waded Cruzado-Salas, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, wanted a program to recognize campus women more, and they began to work together.

She said the program is only in "very early stages," and they have only been planning for a couple of months, but it will continue each semester in the future. The program will be seeking input from participants this semester in order to generate more ideas for next year's events.

One of the Women's Studies Program's missions is to promote scholarship by women and about women and to honor their achievements. Bond-Maupin said women's work has been undervalued in the past, and women's studies makes public statement of the value of women's work.

"Women's studies is about creating a collaboration of creative work and developing a network for campus women," said Bond-Maupin.