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NMSU sociology professor to lecture on globalization

The Center for Latin American and Border Studies (CLABS) at New Mexico State University will present "Whose Globalization? Building Global Consciousness in Cross-Border Social Movement," a lecture by Mark Horowitz, at 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22, at the Nason House.

Horowitz will reflect on several years of cross-border advocacy and fieldwork in border colonias to describe maquiladora workers' attitudes toward their job and wages. He will then consider the implications of the growing "cross-border justice movement" in Mexico the U.S. and Canada and will discuss how transnational activism may play a key role in reining in global corporate power on behalf of workers and communities along the border and elsewhere.

Horowitz is a professor of sociology at NMSU. He teaches and conducts research in the areas of globalization, sociological theory and social movements and social psychology.

For more information call (505) 646-6814.