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NMSU to launch new homepage

New Mexico State University's Web site homepage will be updated Monday, Feb. 26, to bring visitors more organization, easier navigation and more personal perspective through a new photo slideshow.

"Our Web site serves a wide audience that has different needs, and the homepage serves as the main entry point for them," said Ellen Castello, director of marketing services. "The main links have been re-constructed to help our varied audience to quickly find the information they seek."

The homepage will have a slideshow of six photos from different categories that will cycle through each time the homepage is loaded. The photos will be from the categories About the Region, Eye on Research, Expert Educators, The Complete Student, Campus Life and Eye on Outreach. They will be accompanied by stories and/or links to news and related sites.

The updated page also will have sublinks for each of the branches of the Web site so that visitors will be able to find the page they're looking for almost immediately. Another new feature will be the "New Mexico Is Our Campus" section that will be a portal page or directory to NMSU's many locations throughout the state, including community college campuses and agricultural science centers.

Online surveys and one-on-one interviews were used to gather feedback from the NMSU alumni, faculty, staff and students in respect to aesthetics, functionality and quality control.

"The design process was hinged on users' input so that we could craft a Web page that would be more attentive to their needs," said Frank Torres, web developer for University Communications and Marketing Services.

Torres said surveys and interviews will continue so more users' needs and input can be integrated.

The development team was a collaborative effort from across the campus. The following individuals were involved in the new homepage design: Phillip Johnson, web and multimedia developer for the College of Extended Learning; C.C. Chamberlin, analyst for Media Productions; Judy Bosland, director of research, evaluation and assessment for Student Success; Richard Chavez, system manager for ICT web application services; Duncan Hayse and Jeany Llorente-Ontiveros, publications coordinators, Gerald Rel, senior graphic designer for marketing services, and Darren Phillips, chief NMSU photographer, for University Communications and Marketing Services.