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Film festival to showcase array of subjects at NMSU Corbett Center

The 30th annual Margaret Mead Film Festival, the longest-running showcase for international non-fiction media in the nation, will be held at New Mexico State University Feb. 28-April 25.

The festival is comprised of several thematic programs including "Mexican-American Migration," "The Evolution Debate," "Protecting Journalism," "A Few Strong Women" and "Loving Portraits." All films will be shown on Wednesdays, with two showings each day at 2 and 7 p.m. The schedule for the festival is:

Feb. 28 - "El Inmigrante," a film about the U.S.-Mexican border crisis, follows a young Mexican migrant who is shot dead during his journey North.
March 7 - "Flock of Dodos" shows filmmaker Randy Olsen traveling the country asking "Who are the dodos in the debate over evolution versus intelligent design?"
March 28 - "Shooting Under Fire" follows photojournalists of the Reuters wire service who risk their lives in a war zone to show both sides of the Israeli conflict.
April 4 - "Sisters In Law" films strong women in a small Kumba, Cameroon, courthouse in Africa transforming lives by protecting women and children from domestic violence.
April 25 - "A Man with Gaps" explores the old adage "Truth is stranger than fiction."
April 25 - "Today's Man" follows the filmmaker's brother through his ordeal with Asperger's Syndrome, a mysterious developmental disorder which causes people to have severe difficulties understanding how to interact socially.
The free screenings - part of NMSU's ongoing outreach to the community - are sponsored by the Union Program Council. For more information call (505) 646-3200.