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NMSU expert available to discuss breast cancer

The breast cancer of Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards, has spread to her bones, putting a public face to an issue confronting thousands of Americans each day. On the U.S.-Mexico border alone, one in every five Latinas is expected to get the disease. The following New Mexico State University expert is available to discuss breast cancer.

Yelena Bird, a medical doctor and college associate professor in New Mexico State University's Department of Health Science, has studied breast cancer for many years. She is completing a year-long National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute postdoctoral fellowship in oncology and public health with the University of Washington's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Bird studies samples of breast tissue from women with hereditary breast cancer on the U.S.-Mexico border. Molecular biological markers of gene expression are used to determine a woman's overall risk of developing the disease when breast cancer runs in the woman's family. These methods are chosen because they are more efficient at detecting abnormal breast cells than mammography or examination of cells or tissue under a microscope.

Bird can be contacted via email at yelena@nmsu.edu or ybird@fhcrc.org or by phone at (505) 571-7159 (cell) or (206) 667-7641 (office).

Bird's research is part of NMSU's continuing outreach efforts to help educate and improve the lives of citizens in our community, state and elsewhere. New Mexico State University has more then 350 faculty experts available on a variety of topics. For more NMSU Experts, visit http://www.nmsu.edu/~ucomm/database/index.php.