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Student teams participate in robotics competition

Seventeen middle and high school teams participated in the second annual New Mexico Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology (BEST) robotics competition Oct. 26 at New Mexico State University.

Four teams of students from area schools compete in the first match of Warp X, this year's New Mexico BEST competition. (Courtesy photo)

Warp X, this year's BEST competition, was an all-day competition held for teams to compete in two categories - the game competition and the BEST competition.

Trophies were awarded to schools that placed first, second or third in both competitions.

Hofacket Middle School in Deming placed first in the game competition. Mesilla Valley Christian in Las Cruces placed second and Canutillo High School in Canutillo, Texas, placed third.

In the BEST competition, Ysleta High School in El Paso placed first. Deming High School placed second and Hofacket Middle School placed third.

In the game competition, four teams at a time compete for points on the game field. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins in this category.

To win the BEST competition, teams must present documentation of how they worked to boost science, engineering and technology in their schools and communities during the six-week contest period. Winners of the BEST competition are given priority when teams are chosen to attend the regional BEST competition.

BEST is a national non-profit organization that encourages middle and high school students to study engineering, science and technology. It operates through a collaboration of teachers, technical coaches, corporate and academic volunteers and funding sponsors, which makes participation in the program free to students and schools.

For more information on this year's New Mexico BEST competition and results, contact Sheila Horan, Klipsch School of Computer and Electrical Engineering, at (505) 646-6288.

Photo is available at http://ucommphoto.nmsu.edu/newsphoto/nm_best.jpg.