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Feminist author Inga Muscio to speak at

Feminist author Inga Muscio will speak on women's history, activism and other women's issues in a public lecture at New Mexico State University on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

ed by the Women's Studies Program and FREE (Feminists Reinventing Equality Everywhere), the lecture will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Hardman Hall Room 106. Admission is free. A book signing will follow the lecture.

Called controversial, unconventional and inspiring, Muscio is a freelance writer for magazines such as BUST, W.I.G. and Ms. She is best known as the author of a book that explores the social history and changing meanings of a word that was originally a term of respect for women but is now considered offensive and derogatory toward women. The book is subtitled "A Declaration of Independence."

"At its core (the book) is a metaphor for unconditional self-love, a gentle call for women to embrace all things sacred and essentially female," a BUST magazine review stated. The San Francisco Chronicle said Muscio "explores, with candidness and humor, such traditional feminist issues as birth control, sexuality, jealousy between women, and prostitution with a fresh attitude for a new generation of women."

For more information call the Women's Studies Program at (505) 646-3448.