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University Avenue-Interstate 25 interchange to undergo construction

The interchange and overpass at University Avenue and Interstate 25 near the New Mexico State University campus will undergo construction to improve on/off access and east-west traffic movement.

ject is scheduled to begin Jan. 7, 2003, and end by March 28, 2003.

"The project was specifically designed to minimize the impact on people coming to and leaving NMSU," said David Bollschweiler, a staff engineer with the Office of Facilities & Services at NMSU.

The construction will re-configure and re-construct the interchange at University Avenue and I-25. It will include new two-lane on/off ramps for southbound and northbound traffic coming off of I-25. Both sets will be aligned to increase traffic safety and movement. University Avenue going east will be re-configured to have two left-turn lanes and two through lanes at the northbound on/off ramp intersection. University Avenue going west will be re-configured to have one right-turn lane and two through lanes at the northbound on/off ramp intersection.

Traffic signal lights will be placed where University Avenue intersects with the northbound and southbound on/off ramps.

Funding for the project is provided by the New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department. The general contractor is Albuquerque Underground Inc.

For more information on the construction, call Bollschweiler at (505) 646-7844.

Jeany Llorente
Dec. 12, 2002