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Milestone event will honor NMSU women

To honor the women of New Mexico State University and to recognize their accomplishments of value to the campus, the Milestone Committee, which was recently formed by the NMSU Women's Studies Program, will hold its third event this semester from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Friday, April 27, at the NMSU Alumni and Visitors Center.

The theme of April's event is "Achievements: Valuing Women's Contributions." During the event, women faculty and women graduate assistants will be honored for their accomplishments in the past two years and given a rose.

"We wish to recognize all accomplishments of value to women on this campus in addition to more standard ones such as being promoted or tenured, publishing a book or receiving a grant," said Christine Eber, associate professor of anthropology and Milestone Committee member.

A sign-in sheet will be available for those attending to record their name and the accomplishment for which they would like to be recognized.

There also will be an interpretive dance piece honoring NMSU women by Debra Knapp, director of the NMSU Dance Program.

"University-wide events such as this give us a chance to learn about one another, network and build a community across departmental and college lines," said Lisa Bond-Maupin, director of the NMSU Women's Studies Program and Milestone Committee member. "This event also is a showcase of the contributions women are making in all areas of the university and the community."