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Students help students with NMSU border studies

Students who participated in a criminal justice course at New Mexico State University last semester presented their final projects on U.S./Mexico border issues to current students as well as faculty and administration last week at the Center for Latin American and Border Studies' (CLABS) Nason House.

Marcia Osborn, Stephan Ogas, Hilario Salinas, Angela Baca and Sarahi Gil completed "Criminal Justice 451: Border Violence and Justice" in fall 2006 and presented their final projects to give current students an idea of what will be expected of them in regard to their final projects.

"A Look at Racism and Ideology: A Comparison and Contrast of Mexicans and Jews Using Hilberg's Models of Genocide" was presented by Osborn and Ogas and drew similarities between the holocaust and immigrant deaths on the border using the elements of exclusion, expulsion and extermination.

"The History of Border Cities," presented by Salinas, Baca and Gil, was a map of the 14 pairs of sister cities located on the border, mounted on chicken wire. Toy soldiers were placed on the map where militarization of the border has taken place. This presentation also included a mannequin covered in stickers and magazine clippings with relevant ideas and concepts, such as "secrets," "prisoners," "rape" and "the ugly truth."

"The objective of this course is to gain a critical understanding of the multiple faces of violence on the border and the political, legal, institutional and socio-cultural implications in providing spaces for violence along the U.S/Mexico borderlands," said Cynthia Bejarano, assistant professor of criminal justice at NMSU.