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NMSU Book Arts class presents exhibition at Branson Library

Students from a New Mexico State University course focusing on book arts are presenting a show of their collaborative works in the lobby of the Branson Library. The exhibition, "The Intersection of Range of Text and Art," will run through May 18 in the Branson Library.

The course was attended by graduate students from both the English and Art departments. This innovative course attempts to broaden the perspectives of artists and writers by introducing them to the concept that the text of their work is both a physical and aesthetic object, and to encourage visual artists to introduce, expand or refine the presence of text in their work.

These individual and collaborative works show how the students explored, developed and created books as both objects and environments, communicating in physical, textural and visual ways.

For more information, contact the Book Arts class instructors Mark Nero at (505) 646-7550 or mnero@nmsu.edu, or Carmen Smith at (505) 646-3931 or carmens@nmsu.edu.