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EDITORS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS: Looking for feature stories and photos? Summer programs at New Mexico State University offer good possibilities. Following are some of the activities that will be taking place on the main campus this summer in addition to the regular summer sessions for NMSU students. If you are interested in any of these you can call the contact person directly or call University Communications and Marketing Services at (505) 646-3221 for assistance.

May 16-July 13

Thirteen NMSU juniors and seniors will conduct research and participate in intensive GRE preparation, graduate school prep workshops and a Preparing to Teach workshop during the summer as part of the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. The McNair Program is designed to prepare low-income, first-generation college students and/or students from groups who are underrepresented in higher education to pursue doctoral degrees and eventually become professors.

CONTACT: Christina Franco, (505) 646-7799, franco_c@nmsu.edu

Bridge Program
May 29-July 3

Eighteen recent high school graduates will take seven credit hours of college courses, participate in an internship and learn skills that will help make them successful in college, such as time management and study skills. The program is designed to help new freshmen make the transition or "bridge" from high school to college.

Summer Academic Program
June 3-July 12

Fifty high school students, from sophomore to senior level, will gain insight into college life during this college simulation experience. Students will take courses in art, computer science, English, foreign languages, math, science and music appreciation while perfecting their study skills and receiving supplemental instruction for the upcoming school year.

CONTACT: Tony Marin, (505) 646-5732, amarin@ad.nmsu.edu

May 29-June 29

This summer institute seeks to promote exemplary instruction of writing in every classroom in New Mexico's borderlands. The project's mission is to improve the teaching of writing and advance scholarship in schools in the borderlands area.

CONTACT: Kyle Shanton, (505) 646-2332, kshanton@nmsu.edu

Session I: May 29-June 14
Session II: June 18-July 5
Session III: July 9-26

Children from 3 to 17 years old can take part in swim classes at the NMSU Natatorium. The NMSU swim school offers morning and afternoon classes.

CONTACT: Danois Montoya, (505) 646-3518, danois@nmsu.edu

Aerobics Classes and Personal Trainers
Summer Session I: May 30-June 30
Summer Session II: July 10-Aug. 11

Classes include yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, step aerobics, body sculpting and cardio-kickboxing. More than 40 classes are offered each week, and classes are offered throughout the day to accommodate various work schedules. Personal training sessions are conducted by certified trainers. Schedules of classes may be picked up at the activity center. A semester pass or punch card is required to attend these classes. Activity center stickers and cash will not be accepted at the door.

Summer Shape-Up Program
May 30-Aug. 17

This program is for intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiasts and will involve workouts conducted with a personal trainer. The program is reserved for those who have initiated and been involved with a consistent exercise program for at least 12 weeks. Training appointments must be made within the available working days and hours of the trainer. Participation is limited and full payment is due upon registration.

CONTACT: Shon Meyer, (505) 646-5178, smeyer@nmsu.edu

Little Aggie Camp
May 30-June 2

The camp stresses self-confidence, discipline, teamwork, ball handling and fun, while providing a head start on fundamentals. It is a non-competitive camp emphasizing each child's self-worth and improvement in all aspects of basketball.

Individual Instruction Camp
June 4-8

The Individual Instruction Camp will follow the same structure that Coach Theus uses on his Aggie players for individual improvement. Theus and his staff will emphasize shooting techniques, footwork, defensive concepts, dribbling drills and rebound techniques that are essential to become a seasoned basketball player.

Parent Child Camp
June 8-9

The Parent Child Camp will show parents drills they can use in their own backyard in order to make their son or daughter a seasoned player. This camp will have lots of one-on-one attention, while giving parents a fun and exciting experience with their child.

Aggie Day Camp
June 11-15

The Aggie Day Camp focuses on improving the overall skills of each participant, concentrating on the fundamentals of basketball. This camp will follow the structure of legendary Coach Rick Pitino, which allows kids to learn the fundamentals and have fun at the same time.

CONTACT: NMSU Athletics Department, (505) 646-1447

Lil' Aggie Camp
May 30-June 1

This camp is geared toward beginners and/or younger players who want to learn and improve upon the fundamentals of basketball. The camp costs $55 and is open to children in grades K-8.

Position Camp
June 18-19

This camp is open to individuals with aspirations to play basketball at the collegiate level.Intense, position-specific instruction will be provided by NMSU women's basketball coaches and NMSU women's basketball players. Athletes will be educated on the college recruiting process, including NCAA initial eligibility requirements, as well as what attributes college coaches look for when scouting high school prospects. The cost is $80 and is open to students in grades 8-12.

Team Camp
June 22-24

This camp is for teams with no more than 10 players. The head coach must send in all the applications together, as well as a team roster. They will play a minimum of eight games. The cost is $350 before June 1 or $450 after this date. Junior varsity and varsity teams only.

CONTACT: Princess Moore, (505) 646-2482, prmoore@nmsu.edu

Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program
Program: May 31-Aug. 3, Symposium: Aug. 3

This faculty-mentored research program allows students to be directly involved in technical research. Students present their work at a symposium in preparation for presentations at a conference Oct. 5 and at professional conferences in their disciplines.

Summer Community College Opportunity for Research Experience (SCCORE)
July 9-Aug. 15, Symposium: Aug. 13

Students serve as apprentice researchers on a faculty member's research project and participate in a university-level summer program, where they enroll in a one-credit hour special topics course. SCCORE is a program that provides research opportunities, fosters student success and assists minority community college students in the transition to participating New Mexico AMP baccalaureate-granting institutions. Students will present their research in poster form at a symposium on Aug. 13.

CONTACT: Jeanne Garland, (505) 646-5212, garland@nmsu.edu

June 1-Aug. 5

Students in the MARC program will participate in research this summer. The 12 students in their first year of the program will do laboratory research on the NMSU campus and participate in three teaching components. The eight students in their second year of the program will participate in summer research internships at various institutions around the country. The program's goal is to prepare undergraduate students for post-graduate advanced studies in biomedical sciences and help them attain Ph.D. degrees.

CONTACT: Carol Turner, (505) 646-3476, caturner@nmsu.edu

June 4-8

This annual camp is designed to give children who are deaf or hard of hearing a chance to participate in a developmentally appropriate camp that will help improve their motor skills and recreational enjoyment. The camp is sponsored by the Las Cruces Sunrise Lions Club. The program consists of activities in the pool, gym and dance areas and at the NMSU Rockwall, a climbing wall.

CONTACT: Scott Pedersen, (505) 646-2071, pedersen@nmsu.edu

June 4-29

The Department of Civil Engineering at NMSU is hosting a training program for 15 Native Americans selected from across the U.S. This program, sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, provides an introduction to the basics of water resources engineering management and community issues. The participants will then return to their tribes to put the information into practical experience.

CONTACT: Julie Moore, (505) 646-3801, julmoore@nmsu.edu

Summer I: June 4-29
Summer II: July 11-Aug. 7

Speech-language therapy services will be provided for four weeks during each summer session. Therapy appointments will be taken Monday through Friday. Graduate student clinicians, supervised by licensed and certified speech-language pathologists, will provide therapeutic services to a broad range of clients (young children to adults) who exhibit speech, language and stuttering or voice disorders.

Summer Quick Artic Camp
June 11-15

This camp will focus on articulation improvement with summer camp activities for children ages 7-12.

Summer Expression Excursion Camp
July 16-20

This camp will focus on language expansion and social growth for "tweens" and teens ages 11-15.

CONTACT: NMSU Speech and Hearing Center, (505) 646- 3906

One-Week Mathematics Academies
Las Cruces: June 4-8 and June 11-15
El Rito: June 25-29
Carlsbad: July 9-13
Hobbs: July 9-13

Districts and schools are invited to send a team of mathematics teachers to participate in summer academies designed especially for New Mexico educators. Each academy will focus on the New Mexico Mathematics Standards for middle and high school, and will provide support for implementing standards-based curriculum resources.

Two-Week Algebra Institute
Las Cruces: July 16-27

One-week academy participants will have the option to attend a follow-up, two-week math course to receive undergraduate or graduate mathematics credit.

CONTACT: Sheila Hills, (505) 646-2882, sshills@nmsu.edu

June 10-15, July 15-20
Players ages 9 to 18 will hone their golf skills.
Participants have the option of staying overnight or participating in full or half days. The cost is $375 for half days, $550 for full days and $850 to stay overnight.

CONTACT: Pat Gavin, (505) 646-7686, pgavin@nmsu.edu

June 11-July 15

PREP is an intensive mathematics-based pre-college summer program that provides educational enrichment for approximately 200 achieving middle and high school students. Participants will learn logic, algebraic structures, physics and technical writing. Field trips provide an opportunity for hands-on learning. Students (sixth grade and above) may attend PREP for three years before entering college. There are no tuition costs or fees and more than 90 percent of the students who participate go on to pursue higher education. All functions except field trips are held on the New Mexico State University campus.

CONTACT: Karen Mikel, (505) 646-2162, kmikel@nmsu.edu

June 11-29

Elementary and middle school students from first through eighth grade will participate in the performance of "Puss in Boots." Classes will be from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday. The final performance will be at 5:30 p.m. June 29, in the Hershel Zohn Theatre.

CONTACT: Ruth Cantrell, (505) 646-4517, rucantre@nmsu.edu

June 18-27

Children 5-12 years old will learn developmentally appropriate skills in swimming, basketball, track and field, climbing, dance, soccer, disc golf, volleyball, football and tennis. They also will learn critical thinking, decision-making skills and sportsmanship. Overnight camping experiences are available. The camp will be held weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with pre- and post-camp accommodations.

CONTACT: Paul LaPorte, (505) 646-4060, plaporte@nmsu.edu

June 18-July 27

Camp programs for 5 to 8-year-olds will be based upon developing fundamental gross and fine motor skills that set the stage for success in sport performance later in life. Lead-up games and activities in traditional and non-traditional physical activities will be the primary focus. Campers ages 9 to 14 will experience developmental instruction in softball, volleyball, badminton, football, basketball, floor hockey, ultimate Frisbee, swimming, dancing, mountain biking, canoeing and cooperative games. The structure is based upon the NASPE guidelines that professional instructors in children's sports and physical activities follow in an educational and recreational setting.

CONTACT: James B. Delamater Activity Center, (505) 646-4981, recsport@nmsu.edu

June 18-24

The Department of Music is offering an intensive week of music, study and performance for high school students throughout the southwest. The students will participate in musical activities including concert bands, jazz bands and private lessons. The camp also will include evening entertainment including concerts, cookouts, movies, talent shows and more. The cost varies from $325 to $400 depending on whether the students stay overnight.

CONTACT: Ken Van Winkle, (505) 646-2421, kvanwink@nmsu.edu

June 18-21

More than 350 middle school band students will meet on the NMSU campus to get acquainted with the band and band instruments. This camp is open to students who have never played an instrument before and to experienced students who would like to continue exploring their instrument or receive instructions on a second instrument. The cost is $35.

CONTACT: Roman Chip, (505) 526-2291, rchip@lcps.k12.nm.us

June 25-29

The RASEM-Squared Summer Science Institute (RASSI 2007, CSI: Third Rock from the Sun) will focus primarily on offering opportunities in science and mathematics education to high school students with disabilities. About 30 students have signed up for the program and five area teachers as well as college mentors will be on staff. The students will learn through hands-on investigation as "Science Detectives" in a variety of projects such as rocketry, physics discovery (motion and gravity) and astronomy. There is no charge and lunch is provided daily.

CONTACT: Richard Turietta, (505) 646-2484, rturiett@nmsu.edu

July 1-7

The NMSU Dance Program will host the 34th Congreso Asociacion Nacional de Grupo Folklorico. More than 600 Ballet Folklorico dancers from throughout the U.S. and South America will congregate at NMSU for a full week of dance classes and performances. The congress will be held July 1-7. Thursday and Friday performances will be open to the public and will be held at the Pan American Center.

CONTACT: Debra Knapp, (505) 646-2070, deknapp@nmsu.edu

July 9-13

More than 400 students from New Mexico will meet on the NMSU campus to compete in a variety of contests ranging from livestock judging and archery to marksmanship and consumer products ratings. The festivities will include a dance.

CONTACT: Amy Zemler, (505) 646-5204, azemler@nmsu.edu

July 12

The Jornada Symposium will present various talks on recent research projects in desert ecology and long-term effects in the area from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Jornada Experimental Range Building (Wooton Hall), at NMSU. A social and barbecue dinner will be held at the Jornada Experimental Range, about 30 miles northeast of Las Cruces. Invited speakers, Bill McDonald, a rancher of Malpai Borderlands Group, Guy McPherson, from the University of Arizona and Stephen Porder, from Brown University will share their perspectives on the research.

CONTACT: Kris Havstad, (505) 646-4842, khavstad@nmsu.edu

Setter Camp
July 21-22

Each session begins with group demonstration and instruction by NMSU Volleyball Coach Michael Jordan. The Single-Item-Focus style of teaching allows participants to master the art of setting one step at a time. NMSU assistant coaches and current Aggie players will instruct in small groups of no more than 10 campers to one coach.

Team Camp
July 27-29

This camp will focus on developing serving, passing, setting, attacking and defense and transition skills in a team environment. Sessions will include advanced offensive and defensive systems with information and team concepts offered by the NMSU coaching staff for each individual team. Great tournament experience also is provided for high school teams looking to compete prior to their season. Each team will be provided with a camp coach and will have the opportunity to work directly with NMSU Volleyball Coach Michael Jordan.

All Skills Camp
July 23-26

Campers will be grouped by level of athleticism, experience and age into elite, intermediate or beginner levels. The camp focuses on developing all volleyball skills in a fun and energetic environment. Campers also will be grouped for competitive games within their skill level.

CONTACT: Ashley Hardee, (505) 646-2368, wbranch@nmsu.edu

July 24-27

This camp is sponsored by the Universal Dancers Association and held on the NMSU campus.

CONTACT: Jamie Graham, (806) 352-4999

Aug. 12-21

Members of the "World's Most Dangerous Marching Band" will learn music and marching style in preparation for the upcoming football season. The camp will culminate with the band's annual Concert on the Green at 7 p.m. Aug. 21 at NMSU's Corbett Center outdoor stage. Members of the campus and community are encouraged to attend.

CONTACT: Fran Kemp, (505) 646-2304, fkemp@nmsu.edu

Aug. 18-21

This new student orientation will give incoming freshmen the opportunity to meet faculty and staff before classes begin, listen to national speakers address a variety of issues, such as how to make smart choices about alcohol and other relevant information. Students will participate in team-building exercises, discussions about the variety of programs offered, campus tours and special events.

CONTACT: Aggie Welcome Week Office, (505) 646-1055