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KRWG-TV launches new Spanish-language partner network

With the flip of a switch, television viewers in Las Cruces were given a new choice on their TV dial. Tuesday afternoon KRWG-TV officially launched V-me, a new, national Spanish-language television network.

"V-me provides intelligent entertainment that explores interests and issues Hispanics share with all Americans," said Glen Cerny, director of university broadcasting at New Mexico State University. "We understand how important Spanish-language programming is to southern New Mexico and west Texas and we are proud to offer this digital service to our viewers. V-me is a wonderful illustration of the potential use of over-the-air digital television."

The network's creators belief V-me, (pronounced "veh-meh") will bring a new kind of quality entertainment to Latino viewers, featuring the best of public television. Through its relationships with world-class content producers and a unique partnership with American public television stations, V-me will offer a fresh alternative in Spanish television that engages, entertains, empowers and inspires its viewers.

Programming on V-me features a mix of original productions, exclusive premieres and acquisitions, and the best of public television adapted for American Latinos. For children, V-me offers high quality Spanish-language preschool programs, educational online resources for both children and parents and local activities. V-me also offers lifestyle programming including Latino-focused food, travel, design, home and self improvement, parenting, health and well-being. In the realm of current affairs, the network offers intelligent entertainment and opinions, history, technology, nature, current affairs, news and biography. V-me also offers contemporary Spanish-language films every night, plus international concerts and special events.

The name V-me comes from the Spanish veme, which means see me. "This name speaks volumes," says Mario Baeza, founder and executive chairman of V-me. "Latinos contribute so much to our country, culturally and economically. Yet the quality programming in Spanish that reflects that experience, showcases those contributions, and entertains and educates our families, is sorely missing from the landscape."

The network is not yet offered over cable in Las Cruces. Viewers will need a digital TV or a digital converter for their television to receive the V-me signal.

V-me is the first venture announced by the newly formed media production and distribution company, V-me Media Inc. The network launches as a 24-hour digital broadcast network presented by public television stations.