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NMSU expert available to discuss West Nile Virus

The City of Las Cruces is reporting that several trapped mosquitoes have tested positive for the West Nile Virus. Pools in which the mosquitoes tested positive for the virus were in the High Noon Soccer field area; the retention pond between Townsend Terrace, Three Crosses Avenue and Main Street; Roadrunner Lane between Picacho Avenue and Motel Boulevard; and Mesilla Park, near Conway Avenue and Bowman Avenue. The following expert from New Mexico State University is available to speak about human infection related to mosquito-borne diseases. He may be contacted directly at the phone number and e-mail address given.

Hugo Vilchis, director of the Border Epidemiology and Environmental Health Center (BEC) at New Mexico State University, can talk about public education programs and human infection related to mosquito-borne diseases. With the aid of a Global Positioning System and mosquito data collected by a Bi-National Vector Control Technical Group, BEC is analyzing data and continually updating a series of maps that will allow for better vector control. Vilchis has been instrumental in developing numerous bi-national programs. He also serves as the director of the New Mexico Outreach Office of the U.S. Border Health Commission. He may be reached at his office at (505) 646-3057 or via e-mail at hvilchis@nmsu.edu.