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NMSU Library hosts new Web site on plagiarism

The New Mexico State University Library announced that it now hosts a new Web site on plagiarism issues. The site, available at http://lib.nmsu.edu/plagiarism, contains both faculty and student resources.

For students there is a description of plagiarism, a list of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, definitions of important terms, examples of correct citations and links to citation guides, tutorials and quizzes at other universities.

"This Web site provides a great resource for faculty and students alike," said Tara Gray, the director of NMSU's Teaching Academy.

Committee members who worked to create the resource are Stuart Brown of the NMSU English Department; Terry Cook of the Center for Learning Assistance; Tara Gray of the Teaching Academy; Travis Marley Dulany, an NMSU honor student and member of the ASNMSU Senate; and Grace Ann Rosile of Management and General Business.

James Caufield of the NMSU Library chaired the committee, and Carol Boyse and Teresa Roberts of the Library provided technical support.

For more information, contact the NMSU Library at (505) 646-5792.