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ASNMSU finding new ways to promote voting

The Associated Students of New Mexico State University is finding new ways to encourage student voting for the upcoming elections by collaborating with MTV's "Rock the Vote."

Banners can found on the ASNMSU Web site and NMSU's MySpace that direct visitors to the Rock the Vote Web site, where a voter registration form is available to download.

Closer to the Nov. 6 municipal election, ASNMSU members will set up registration booths on campus.

"Students go to the booth, learn their voter rights, fill out an application, print it and hand it in. That's our goal," said Lindsey Bilovesky, director of ASNMSU Governmental Affairs.

In the past, ASNMSU members would scour the campus as nonpartisan voting advocates, asking students if they had registered or are going to vote.

"It won't be as intrusive this year. We want to just put it out there, get students excited and knowledgeable," Bilovesky said.

Rock the Vote is a national campaign that encourages young people to vote through media promotions, celebrity endorsers and merchandise. ASNMSU is working to incorporate the Rock the Vote logo with its own to apply on banners and T-shirts.

For the 2008 presidential election, ASNMSU is working on hosting a "political fair" with Rock the Vote.

"We're hoping to do a large event, invite people from the city, set up booths for different political parties and have MTV's 'Real World/Road Rules' come and visit," Bilovesky said.

For more information call (505) 646-4415 or visit asnmsu.nmsu.edu or myspace.com/gonmsu.