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NMSU changes summer session length

New Mexico State University has changed the structure of its summer school sessions to allow faculty and students more flexibility.

Starting in 2008, the university's summer session will be one 10-week session instead of two five-week sessions, but shorter sessions within the 10-week structure will be available.

"The change in the summer sessions offers more flexibility and variety. I believe in due time this will provide less confusion about summer instruction," said Michael Zimmerman, registrar.

Part of the reason the change was made is to accommodate a newer software system. However, the longer session offers the ability to be more flexible when scheduling classes, and the change also is expected to make the financial aid and enrollment verification processes easier for students.

"The advantage is that this allows for greater opportunity to extend or shorten certain sessions depending on the content, number of credit hours and the time needed to learn the content. We can be much more creative and relevant," said Jozi De Leon, the associate provost for academic affairs and community colleges.

Zimmerman said significant changes in enrollment are not expected.