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First J. Paul Taylor Early Childhood Symposium to be held

The latest research in early childhood education at New Mexico State University will be presented at the first J. Paul Taylor Early Childhood Education Symposium from 9-11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 3, at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

The symposium is being held to honor faculty and students and their research in the area of early childhood education. The J. Paul Taylor Endowed Chair and the symposium are named for J. Paul Taylor, a retired state representative known for his work with young children and families, schools and the bilingual community.

Three students and four faculty members will be sharing research with attendees.

April Garcia, an undergraduate student, will share her study about an early childhood research study tour in China. The title will be "A Perspective of Early Childhood Education in Contemporary China."

Melissa Jozwiak, a student in the early childhood education doctoral graduate program, will give a presentation titled "Making Permeable the Perspectives of Developmentally Appropriate Practice: A Personal Journey with Critical, Postmodern and Feminist Thinking." It is a review of literature of post-modern thought in application to early childhood education.

Kate Puckett, a teacher at Myrna's Children's Village, will talk about her research in the area of small-group functioning, based on a birthday celebration theme. It is titled "A Journey of Small Group Work with Preschoolers."

NMSU College of Education professors Nancy Baptiste, Luis Huerta and Lou Reyes will present their research regarding the Proyecto Avanzar federal grant, "It is Hard to be Back: Head Start Staff as Returning College Students: The Experience of Proyecto Avanzar." Candace Kaye, the coordinator for graduate programs in early childhood education, will give a presentation titled "Defining Early Literacy: A Collaborative Process."

Each of the research paper abstracts will be published in the Southwest Institute of Early Childhood Studies e-journal called "Cultural and Linguistic Perspective of Emergent Literacy: An E-Journal."

"The symposium is about giving back to and sharing with the community. We wanted the J. Paul Taylor Endowed Chair donors to see what they have helped accomplish," said Elizabeth Cahill, associate department head of curriculum and instruction and the J. Paul Taylor Endowed Chair.