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NMSU offers student support program for 35 years

Identified as one of the most successful support programs in the state, New Mexico State University has offered its Student Support Services TRiO Program to students for 35 years.

The SSS TRiO Program is an academic assistance program providing participating first-generation college students from low-income families with the necessary tools and support to help them remain in college through graduation. NMSU first offered the SSS program in 1971, and the university has gradually gained other TRiO programs since.

The SSS program focuses on the academic development of each low income college student through academic-related services addressing college requirements, financial aid and tutoring assistance.

Maureen Glennen, the SSS program director, said the reason NMSU's SSS program has been so successful for the last 35 years is because this area has a large number of students who meet the recommendations, and so NMSU has a greater opportunity to serve them.

Glennen said more than 11,950 program participants have been through the SSS TRiO Program since 1971, and nearly 9,000 SSS participants have graduated from NMSU in the 35 years.

While the program currently serves 350 active participants, more than 1,100 former participants are continuing at NMSU.

"There is nothing more satisfying than watching our participants continue to show us each year that when given academic and emotional support, anyone can be successful," Glennen said. "We continue to nurture relationships with participants who become successful and progress through their chosen majors. We are very proud of each and every one of them."

The SSS department is one of four of the university's TRiO programs. Glennen said most universities do not have as many TRiO programs as NMSU. NMSU's other TRiO programs are:

Upward Bound, which assists 9-12th grade students in their preparation for higher education through intense academic instruction in literature, English, math and science in a college campus setting.
Educational Talent Search, which provides low income students in grades 6-12 with college entrance information, financial aid details, college entrance test preparation materials and tutoring in all academic subject areas. This is the first year NMSU has offered this program.
The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate, which prepares low income and minority college undergraduates for doctoral studies programs through involvement in research and other scholarly activities.
For more information on NMSU's SSS TRiO Program, call the department at (505) 646-1336.