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GO Bond C will support NMSU Library

The New Mexico State University Library, as well as libraries throughout the state, could benefit from passage of GO Bond C on the Nov. 7 ballot, which proposes $9 million for publicly funded New Mexico academic, public and school libraries.

Elizabeth Titus, the dean of the NMSU Library, said Bond C proposes $3 million for publicly funded academic libraries, enough to purchase two library books for each full-time student attending college in the state. One-time funding of $700,000 would permit the NMSU Library to build and update book and periodical collections that support the scholarly and research needs of NMSU and the community.

Titus said that the average cost of a college library book is now $60 and the average cost of a subscription to an academic journal has risen 9 percent in the last year.

The bond also would help the library provide information in electronic format that will be accessible all the time to distance education students, faculty and staff - no matter where they live.

Public libraries also will receive $3 million as well as publicly funded school libraries from the proposed $9 million.

Bond C has been endorsed by the New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries, the New Mexico Municipal League and the New Mexico Task Force for School Libraries.

While GO Bond C will be at the bottom of the ballot, it needs to be a top-of-mind consideration if New Mexico is to cope with the many challenges facing its libraries today, said State Librarian Richard Akeroyd, who is on the 2006 GO Bond Committee.

NMSU also will benefit from passage of GO Bond B, also on the Nov. 7 ballot. NMSU would receive $22.9 million if the bond's proposed $118 million is approved. Funding will be used for capital improvements for New Mexico higher education institutions and constitutional special schools.

Ben Woods, the senior vice president of planning, physical resources and university relations, said the money is needed for essential renovation, repairs and expansion on all NMSU campuses.

"Some of our buildings are 50 years old and must be updated in order to best serve the students."

For more information about GO Bond C, contact Dean Titus at (505) 646-1508.

Oct. 13, 2006