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NMSU, student leaders set guidelines for future tuition increases

New Mexico State University's Board of Regents approved an agreement with student leadership to limit tuition and fee increases to 6 percent per year or less from 2009-2014.

A similar agreement between the board and students expires at the end of fiscal year 2008-2009.

"It is important for the budgetary planning of both our students and the university to have a multi-year plan for tuition rates," said Jennifer Taylor, senior vice president for Business and Finance. "We are committed to keeping NMSU accessible through our pricing policy. This agreement was a cooperative effort between the students and the university, led by Associated Students of New Mexico State University President Marisa Ortega."

A statement from ASNMSU outlined the partnership between students and the university.

"The five-year tuition plan established by past ASNMSU leadership and renewed continually by the Board of Regents from 1989 through 2009 has substantially benefited the students of New Mexico State University by giving them a voice in tuition decisions," said the statement, submitted by Ortega. "This plan has provided predictability and consistency with respect to tuition, allowed for more prudent financial planning and helped ensure that tuition/fee decisions are consistent with the goals and objectives of the university and the New Mexico State Legislature."

The agreement covers tuition and fees for full-time students. If a tuition credit is imposed by the Legislature in any given year, the increase shall not exceed 6 percent in addition to the percent obligated by the tuition credit. The agreement also calls for the university to aggressively seek grant and loan funds to assist students and parents in meeting increasing educational costs.

"The objective of this five-year tuition and fee guideline is to provide a balanced check on budget growth and student educational costs," said the statement. "ASNMSU recognizes that neither the university's nor the students' growth and quality of education can improve without the other, and each depends on the other. ... With continued stable and predictable tuition rates and fees, current and future students, as well as their parents, will be more capable of developing dependable financial planning."