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Students in NMSU's TRIO Programs awarded scholarships

Three incoming New Mexico State University freshmen were awarded the Daniels Scholarship for their service to the community.

The recipients were Guadalupe Tello of Santa Teresa High School, and Jose Campos and Aurora Martinez, of Gadsden High School. Also receiving the award was Jocelyn Reyes of STHS, who will be attending Dallas Baptist University.

"These are outstanding young people and it has been a privilege to work with them as they have pursued the goal of attending college," said Rene Guillaume, director of Upward Bound. "The assistance that the Daniels Scholarship is going to provide will definitely ensure that the students get started down the right path toward succeeding in college."

The Daniels Scholarship was established by cable pioneer Bill Daniels who was seeking promising students with financial need whose academic performance may not necessarily reflect their potential, but who demonstrate strength of character, a well-rounded personality and a record of accomplishment in giving back to the community.

The four students are part of NMSU's TRIO Programs that prepare students to make the transition into college. Three are TRIO Upward Bound Program students and one is a TRIO Educational Talent Search Program student.

Upward Bound assists students in grades 9-12 in their preparation for higher education through intense academic instruction in literature, English, math and science in a college campus setting. Educational Talent Search provides students in grades 6-12 with college entrance information, financial aid details, and college entrance test preparation.

"These are promising and motivated students determined to succeed in life, but lacking financial and other resources to continue their education," said Linda Childears, president and chief executive officer of the Daniels fund. "They are outstanding young people and the Daniels fund is proud to partner with them as they fulfill their dreams of attending college."

For more information contact the NMSU Center for Academic Success at (575) 646-3136 or visit http://cas.nmsu.edu.