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KRWG-TV director selected for year-long Leadership Development Program

Anthony Casaus, KRWG-TV's newly appointed executive assistant director of development, is one of 10 station managers who will participate in PBS's Leadership Development Program proposed by the network's Diversity Task Force.

The Leadership Development Program was started by PBS as a way to develop a diverse generation of system leaders. The program will provide management development and networking opportunities to talent in the public broadcasting system who aspire to a general manager or senior level position.

Casaus said he is honored that a small station like KRWG is being recognized along with larger stations from Boston and Atlanta and is looking forward to the opportunity to meet and work with other stations.

"I'm really excited, this is a wonderful opportunity to be recognized along with others from around the country," Casaus said. "I think it is great that it recognizes good people in smaller PBS stations like KRWG."

During the year-long program, the 10 participants will attend three conferences and participate in numerous conference calls. The first conference will be the National Association of Broadcasters Management Development Seminar for Television Executives at Northwest University in Evanston, Ill., July 28-Aug. 1. The second conference will be the PBS Development Conference in October. The last conference will be the PBS Showcase in Baltimore, Md., in May 2009.

Casaus graduated from the journalism and mass communications department at New Mexico State University in 1988 with an emphasis in broadcasting. He also received a master's in higher education administration two years ago from NMSU.

Before his new promotion, Casaus was the director of development and would oversee fundraising efforts for the television station, as well as other station activities. Now, Casaus oversees fundraising for KRWG's television and radio stations, as well as other station activities.