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NMSU 4-H employees receive service awards

While attending the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents annual conference in Milwaukee, Wis., in October, three employees of New Mexico State University's 4-H and Youth Development Program received service awards.

Mindy Turner, an extension specialist in NMSU's 4-H program, said each state gives out awards to university 4-H employees during the conference, which also includes workshops and programs for the professional development of 4-H programs.

Tom Dean, the Socorro County Program director, received the Achievement Service Award, which is given to those who have served three to seven years in their 4-H program.

Craig Painter, a 4-H agriculture agent in San Juan County, received the Distinguished Service Award for those who've served more than seven years in their program.

Linda Schultz, a state 4-H specialist, received the Meritorious Service Award, which is given only to those who have already received the Distinguished Service Award.

Turner said NMSU's 4-H program has done well to receive three awards at the conference.

"It's great for NMSU to have representation for all different service levels," she said.

Turner also said that Patrick Kircher, an NMSU extension 4-H agent in Roosevelt County, won the Clover Award, which is for less than three years of service. The Clover Award is not given at the NAE4HA conference, but is a state level award.

Nov. 17, 2006
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