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NMSU updates technology to improve students' lives

New Mexico State University students can look forward to a higher standard of living this school year as the university uses new technology to make everyday activities easier and better for the environment.

Students living in on-campus housing will now be able to use new highly-efficient washing and drying machines that will help cut down on the amount of water and energy used while doing laundry. The machines have been installed in all on-campus housing laundry facilities.

"We specifically asked for efficient washing machines and dryers when buying the new equipment. The dryers will save $30,000 a year in utilities, while the washers will save about one million gallons of water a year," said Julie Weber, director of housing and residential life.

New technology also is making it easier for students to complete their laundry chores. An on-line laundry alert system has been added, enabling students to check equipment availability before they head down to the laundry room.

The system also shows how much time is left on a machine if none are available at that moment, and can even send an e-mail or a text message reminding a student to go get their laundry. The service is free for students and available to those living in the Rhodes Garrett Hamiel and Monagle dormitories and the student family housing.

NMSU students also will be able to legally download music for free using the music downloading service Ruckus. Students can access more than three million music tracks by using their NMSU e-mail address to create an account at the Ruckus Web site and then downloading the Ruckus player.

"The goal of this was to offer students the same service offered at many larger universities. We also wanted to offer students a legal way to download music, to help prevent potential legal action resulting from illegal downloading," Weber said.