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NMSU's Presidential Search Committee announced

New Mexico State University announced the names of the individuals who have agreed to serve as members of the Presidential Search Committee.

Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members make up the 25 member committee to ensure that internal and external constituencies are represented. The role of the committee is to work with the search consultant to select finalists who will be brought to campus for interviews and selection.

"The committee represents the breadth of the university system and the state it serves," said Bob Gallagher, chair of the New Mexico State University Board of Regents. "The committee will serve as the face of the university so applicants for the position of president of New Mexico State University will understand the diverse constituencies this university proudly serves."

The committee will be assisted by the search firm of R. William Funk and Associates from Dallas. Funk and Associates was hired by NMSU and began advertising the president's position nationally in July. There has been a large number of qualified candidates who submitted their applications, according to the search firm.

"I am not surprised to see the excellent response regarding New Mexico State University's presidential search," said Bill Funk of R. William Funk and Associates. "NMSU and the Las Cruces community are attractive places, and the university continues to see steady growth in its enrollment," Funk said.

Gallagher said, "I am extremely pleased with the quality and diversity of the search committee, and I have no doubt that our single charge of finding the best and most qualified candidate to be the next president of New Mexico State University, will be accomplished in a timely manner."

Following are the names of the Presidential Search Committee:
?Bob Gallagher, Chair, Board of Regents
?Laura Conniff, Member, Board of Regents
?Joe Pfeiffer, Chair, Faculty Senate
?Justin O'Connell, President, Associated Students of NMSU
?Kristina Martinez, Undergraduate Student, College of Health and Social Services
?Frances Merin Walker, Graduate Student, College of Education
?Carmen Gonzales, Dean of the College of Extended Learning
?Carmen Santana-Melgoza, Director of Institutional Research, Planning & Outcomes Assessment
?Stuart Munson-McGee, Professor, Chemical Engineering
?Michele Shuster, Assistant Professor, Biology
?Rita Gonzalez, Professor, NMSU-Dona Ana Community College, Math and Physical Science
?Felicia Casados, President, NMSU-Grants Community College
?Nick Franklin, Vice President, University Advancement
?Tim Nesbitt, Chair, Advisory Council on Administrative Policy
?Karim Martinez, Dona Ana County Extension Agent
?Tom Bagwell, Deputy Director, New Mexico Department of Agriculture
?Jaime Chavez, Chief of Police, NMSU
?Rose Marie Reynolds, Auxiliary Services, Golf Course
?McKinley Boston, Director, NMSU Athletics
?Emma Jean Cervantes, President, Cervantes Enterprises
?John Hummer, Owner, Steinborn, Inc.
?Delano Lewis, former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa
?Alisa Ogden, President, New Mexico Cattle Growers' Association
?Ron Solimon, President/CEO, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Inc. and President/CEO, Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.
?Charles Harster, Vice President, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Committee Support Staff

?Bruce Kite, General Counsel, NMSU
?Jennifer Taylor, Senior Vice President for Business, Finance and Human Resources
?Pat Williams, Chief of Staff, Board of Regents
?Ben Woods, Senior Vice President for Planning, Physical Resources and University Relations

The first meeting of the committee will be held on Friday, Aug. 29.