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New e-mentoring program offers students access to professional expertise

New Mexico State University students will now be able to receive advice and encouragement from professionals in industry, government and university systems thanks to a new mentoring program launched Nov. 3 at the university.

MentorNet is an e-mail based network allowing students one-on-one mentoring with professionals across the nation. The program is open to undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students and untenured faculty.

"The program is available to all NMSU students, but is particularly useful to those studying in science and engineering fields because MentorNet has recruited mentors from these areas to improve our science and engineering workforce," said Tracy Sterling, a professor in the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science.

To join, students can go the program's Web site and fill out a mentor profile. They are then matched with a mentor who is best able to address their interests. Faculty can join the program as mentors, using the same process as students.

Once matched, the mentor and the student maintain a mentoring relationship by e-mail. The official program lasts for eight months.

MentorNet provides other services as well, including an e-forum with web-based discussion groups for those interested in topics such as work and life balance, job searching and graduate school, and a resume database for students.

Sterling said the program was brought to NMSU because of the university's interest in student retention and career placement.

"A program such as MentorNet provides an additional tool for students by expanding their access to the professionals in their fields of study, so they can learn about opportunities and how to prepare for them," she explained.

Dean Lowell Catlett, of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics; Dean Pamela Jansma, of the College of Arts and Sciences; and Dean Steven Castillo, of the College of Engineering, provided the funding to bring MentorNet to NMSU.

"Deans Catlett, Jansma and Castillo have science and engineering programs in their colleges and have an intense interest in providing their students with additional resources to help them prepare for their future," Sterling said.

For more information or to sign up, visit www.mentornet.net.