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NMSU Board of Regents and Las Cruces City Council discuss city convention center

At a meeting hosted Monday by New Mexico State University, the NMSU Board of Regents and the Las Cruces City Council discussed the possibility of a land-lease agreement involving a proposed city center to be built on university property.

Board President M. Steven Anaya said the meeting provided an excellent chance for the public to share input on the idea as well.

''It's important that we have a clear view of all the issues and the different opinions on such collaboration before we enter the decision-making stage," Anaya said. "The information session gave us an opportunity for open discussion and transparent process."

Before the discussion on the city center, Ben Woods, NMSU Senior Vice President for Planning, Physical Resources, and University Relations presented the university's Master Plan showing potential sites for a city center, complementary hotel and performing arts complex. One can view the entire Master Plan at http://masterplan.nmsu.edu/master.html

Woods outlined the central themes in the plan focusing on the proposal to create a solid interface between the City of Las Cruces and the university by facing more NMSU buildings toward University Avenue and creating revitalized engagement between the two communities.