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NMSU College of Arts and Sciences enrollment increases with rest of university

New Mexico State University's college with the largest student population saw its main enrollment increase in graduate level courses for this academic year.

The College of Arts and Sciences, made up of nearly 30 academic departments, reports a 1.5 percent change in total student headcount. Overall, an additional 1,491 students populated the college since the last census done in September 2007.

The numbers are up just slightly in both enrollment and student credit hours in the College of Arts and Sciences, but because of its size, a small increase makes a great difference in number of students and credit hours, according to the new dean of the college, Pamela Jansma.

"Some of our programs really are growing at leaps and bounds," she said. Nearly 400 new students joined the graduate studies programs while others have increased considerably.

"All the sciences are up significantly and women's studies, which just hired its first faculty members, really is taking off," Jansma said. "These are exciting times for Arts and Sciences as we look toward the future."

The College of Arts and Sciences is one of eight colleges at the Las Cruces campus. The entire Las Cruces campus had a 2.8 percent increase in enrollment within the past year.