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NMSU history professor to give lecture on citizenship and nation-building

NMSU history professor to give lecture on citizenship and nation- building With the help of artisans such as carpenters, tailors, blacksmiths and other craftsmen, the political landscape of Peru in the 19th century was changed from a colonial government to the nation that exists today, said Inigo Garcia-Bryce, assistant professor of history at New Mexico State University.

Garcia-Bryce will give a presentation dealing with nation- building in 19th century Peru and how it relates to citizenship in today's American society. The lecture will be held at noon Wednesday, Jan. 30, at the Nason House located at 1200 University Avenue on the campus of NMSU.

Garcia-Bryce's presentation is part of a lecture series "Works in Progress" sponsored by the NMSU Center for Latin American Studies. Each Wednesday through April 11 NMSU professors will present topics having to do with Latin America and the border area, Garcia-Bryce said.

Because it helps us think about and study the rights of our own citizenship, Garcia-Bryce said, it is important to understand how other people in history made claims to those same rights.

"In studying the way the people of Peru put together their nation we can see that, much like today's society, those considered to be in the middle and lower class also have a role in the political arena," he said.

Upcoming presentations in the series will cover topics such as demographic trends in the border region and the impact Vicente Fox, Mexico's new president, will have on the United States.

For more information call Tina Patton at the Center for Latin American Studies at (505) 646-2842.

Chris J. Minnick
Jan. 26, 2001