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Author John Ross to speak at NMSU library

A presentation by John Ross, Mexican author and activist, will be held at NMSU's Branson Library at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30. The program, sponsored by the Library's Southwest and Border Research Center, will take place on Branson Library's second floor west.

Ross will speak about his book "The War Against Oblivion -- Zapatista Chronicles 1994-2000," the season-by-season, six-and-a-half year saga of the rebellion in Chiapas. Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the program.

"The War Against Oblivion" is the sequel to Ross' "Rebellion from the Roots," which won an American Book Award. It seeks to fix the Zapatista Army of National Liberation in contemporary Mexican history. Ross' latest work speaks to the readers in many tongues: that of Subcomandante Marcos, the charismatic rebel leader, the voices of the Zapatista villagers of the jungle and the highlands of Chiapas, the reporters who have covered this protracted conflict and the author's own gift of gab.

Mexico City-based Ross is the author of "The Annexation of Mexico -- From the Aztecs to the IMF," "In Focus Mexico" and "Tonatiuh's People," a novel published by Cinco Puntos Press in 1999, in addition to the Chiapas-rooted works listed above. He is a working correspondent whose dispatches appear regularly in the "L.A. Weekly," "Noticias Aliadas" (Lima), and the "Texas Observer." A much-published poet with seven chapbooks in and out of print, Ross also issues a weekly electronic insiders' bulletin, "Mexico Barbaro."

This program is a Special Collections Event of the NMSU Library. It is made possible by an American Library Association Reference and User Services Association Facts on File Grant for current affairs programming. For more information call Molly Molloy at 646-6931 or e-mail mmolloy@lib.nmsu.edu.

Karl Hill
Jan. 9, 2001