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NMSU Borderlands Early Literacy Day to be held April 25

The second annual Borderlands Early Literacy Day (BELD) will be held April 25 in O'Donnell Hall on the New Mexico State University campus.

Yetta Goodman, a regent's professor of education at the University of Arizona, will be the keynote speaker for the New Mexico State University second annual Borderlands Early Literacy Day (BELD) April 25 in O'Donnell Hall on the NMSU campus. (Courtesy Photo)

The theme, "Hearing the Voices of all Children: Revaluing Early Literacy," was chosen to honor New Mexico's diversity, including honoring literacy within all languages, said Candace Kaye, director of the Southwest Institute for Early Childhood Studies.

"We want people to recognize that early literacy has to be a focused inquiry. What are appropriate literacy experiences for older children may not be for younger children," Kaye said.

Professors and graduate students will present sessions on early literacy including presentations on the importance of family literacy, early literacy development and how children's imaginations are part of early literacy. Bilingual sessions will be included.

The keynote speaker will be Yetta Goodman, who will discuss critical literacy lessons. Her presentation, "Critical Literacy Lessons in Revaluing Early Literacy Development," will include important principles she has discovered from her literacy development research. She will talk about what her conclusions mean for reading and writing curriculum and instruction.

Goodman is a regent's professor of education at the University of Arizona. In addition to her research in early literacy, miscue analysis and in exploring reading and writing processes, she has popularized the term "kidwatching," encouraging teachers to be professional observers of the language and learning development of their students.

"Dr. Goodman is a renowned scholar who taught me about the importance of observing young children to learn what they already know so you can then focus on how to work with them meaningfully to support their language development processes," said Koomi Kim, NMSU assistant professor in the College of Education's Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Goodman was Kim's adviser and dissertation committee chair at the University of Arizona.

The event is open to the community. Teachers, students, caregivers and families are expected to attend.

The registration fee is $20 before April 17 and $25 after.

For more information, contact Michelle Saenz, program coordinator for the Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, at (575) 646-1348 or at micsaenz@nmsu.edu.