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NMSU physics department hosts lecture on water in all forms

It's a solid, it's a liquid, and it's a gas. It is constantly changing from one state to another and necessary to life on this planet. As part of a continuing physics lecture series for science enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, Jacob Urquidi, assistant professor of physics at New Mexico State University, will unlock the mysteries of water.

His lecture, "Water: Its Simplicity, Its Complexity, Its Necessity" will examine water in all its aspects 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8, in the Corbett Center auditorium.

This talk will introduce the physics of water that gives rise to the complexity of intermolecular structure and unique behavior with some discussion on how these properties manifest themselves in nature.

"The importance of water as a resource is easy to recognize and appreciate. It is fundamental to life, industry and growth. Wars have been fought over it, and it has inspired the pen of poets," Urquidi said.

Urquidi will highlight water in its various forms including solids, liquids and gases and the effects of hydrogen bonding while explaining its complex structure and behavior.

Each speaker in the physics colloquium series gears the presentation of their subject toward "non-scientists" and brings the language to a level of understanding for the general public including high school and junior high school students.

There is no cost for admission. For more information on the series, contact (575) 646-6711.