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Public invited to schematic design presentation for second phase of Chamisa Village

The public will get its first opportunity to see the schematic design presentation and provide feedback on the second phase of Chamisa Village on Friday, Oct. 16, at New Mexico State University.

The Department of Facilities Planning and Construction will have a public meeting from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the main lobby of the Chamisa Club House to discuss the schematic design of the proposed second phase of the Chamisa Village apartments. Chamisa Village is located at the corner of Stewart and Locust Street.

The Steinberg Architects will give a presentation based on their schematic design, which is a conceptual design developed at the beginning of the project to demonstrate the architect's approach and strategy. The designs are often presented with sketches of floor plans, building sections and site plans.

"We are in the very early design phases and are looking forward to getting feedback from people on the preliminary designs," said Julie Weber, director of NMSU Residential Life and Housing. "We've attempted to incorporate elements people like about Chamisa 1, but also consider new things for Chamisa 2."

The proposed addition to the Chamisa Village apartments would be built immediately east of the existing complex at the corner of Stewart and Locust. The scope of the project consists of approximately three new buildings, and the possibility of adding on to the existing central community building will also be discussed. Weber said it will house approximately 300 residents in a combination of two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments.

NMSU is going to request to use revenue bonds to finance this project. Revenue bonds are a type of municipal bond secured by revenue or income generated by the bond issuer. No taxpayer money is used to pay off the revenue bonds.