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NMSU fundraiser will sell chile by the truckload

Christmas will come early this year for chile lovers within driving distance of New Mexico State University - just look for the giant chile truck parked on the university lawn.

NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute is partnering with Biad Chili to host a "truckload chile sale" from 1-6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4, at the corner of Knox Street and College Avenue, northwest of Gerald Thomas Hall. Biad will donate 50 percent of the sales to the Chile Pepper Institute.

Customers will place their orders and pay for the chile inside the Gerald Thomas Hall front foyer. Orders will then be picked up at the chile truck. Parking will be available directly south of Gerald Thomas Hall, with students and signs to direct customers.

"It's a good idea to come early to guarantee there is chile left to buy," said Wendy Hamilton, a program specialist for NMSU's Chile Pepper Institute.

The Chile Pepper Institute teamed up with Biad Chili earlier this year to produce Biad's Reserve NuMex Heritage 6-4, a super-flavored chile bred to have five times the flavor compounds and aroma of similar chiles grown today.

Biad's Reserve, along with NuMex Heritage Big Jim, NuMex Joe E. Parker and New Mexico 6-4 will be available during the event. Chile heat levels will vary, depending on the variety and will be labeled. Some chile is peeled; most is green but there is a small quantity of red. All one-pound bags will be $5 each. Prices for boxes will vary between $35 and $60.

The Chile Pepper Institute is raising money for an endowed chair in chile pepper research and to establish a new, expanded facility. For more information, contact the Chile Pepper Institute at (575) 646-3028 or hotchile@nmsu.edu.