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NMSU floriculture students to hold annual floral arrangement auction

New Mexico State University floriculture students will show off their creativity at a public fundraiser to auction their flower arrangements on Dec. 8. The event also doubles as their final exam for the semester.

Leslie Ann Maxwell assembles flower arrangements for a weekend farmers market. Maxwell, a senior working toward a bachelor's degree in clothing, textiles and fashion merchandising, said she takes the horticulture class as a way to de-stress. (NMSU photo by Audry Olmsted)

"This auction is unique because I believe it is the only final on campus that is also a fundraiser," said Sabine Green, coordinator for the floriculture program.

The public will get a chance to bid on a variety of arrangements that range between traditional floral designs to the more abstract and from holiday themes to everyday decorations. Students in the Horticulture 240 class and members of the Floriculture Team will create the arrangements.

As a bonus to this year's annual event, a team of students will auction off their services to decorate someone's house.

Not only does this event give students an opportunity to show off their work, Green said, but they will also develop their marketing skills. Part of their responsibilities will be to mingle at the auction and convince people to bid on their arrangements.

"I encourage people to attend this auction because it encourages students to continue in their creativity," Green said. "The feedback they get from the crowd and the encouragement they get from people other than myself and team members really shows them that there are other people who appreciate their work."

The students will create vignettes for their arrangements and use backdrops and accessories to showcase their work.

Proceeds from the auction will be used to reimburse students for the materials they used to create their arrangements as well as for travel for the Floriculture Team.

Green encouraged people to attend the event even if they do not intend to bid on an arrangement so they can show their support for the hard work the students put into their designs.

Refreshments will be served at the auction. The auction is from 4-6 p.m. in NMSU's Skeen Hall Rotunda, 945 College Ave. Bidding on the auction ends at 5:30 p.m.
Anyone with questions can call Green at (575) 646-3662.