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University Bookstore offers more than just books to the campus and community

On your next visit to the New Mexico State University Bookstore, you may be surprised to find the store houses more than just textbooks and office supplies.

Contestants in the New Mexico State University Bookstore's second annual "iPod Kiss Off" competition Hanna Doyal, left, and Renee Haverlock get ready to begin the contest. (NMSU photo by Harrison Brooks)

The University Bookstore, under Barnes and Noble Inc. since December 2008, sells a large range of products and hosts a variety of events for NMSU students as well as community children and their families.

"The face of the college bookstore is changing," said University Bookstore director Carleen Cirillo. "We don't want to be a 'cookie cutter' bookstore and under Barnes and Noble we can maintain our own identity and give the store a regional feel."

Under Barnes and Noble, Cirillo said the store can carry a wider variety of products. The store carries clothing from baby wear to adult sizes, art work by local artists, Nambe handcrafted metal designs, New Mexico Candle Company products, makeup, toys and snacks. The bookstore has even partnered with the Chile Pepper Institute at NMSU and will soon beginning carrying their signature hot sauce.

Some of the bookstore's events have included author book signings, Halloween costume contests, children's story and craft events and Saturday events in student and family housing among others. The bookstore recently held their second annual "Kiss Off" contest in which student couples compete for an iPod Touch by holding the iPod between their chins.

University Bookstore marketing manager Nicole Sylvester said the bookstore strives to connect with the students and community not only on the main campus but the university branches as well.

"We make frequent trips to all of the branches and stay involved with things going on at other campuses," Sylvester said.

The bookstore includes branch locations at Dona Ana Community College,East Mesa, Alamogordo, Grants and Carlsbad. The bookstore has also created "Aggie Office Supplies" in which bookstores can quickly and efficiently order any supplies they may need.

The bookstore is in the process of planning a move to a new location. The new store will be twice the size of the current one and act as a gateway to the rest of the campus. The two-story building will include auxiliary and retail space including cafes, a computer shop as well as escalators, fireplaces and a huge patio. There will be plenty of space for campus and community members to meet, relax and study. The new location will be on University Avenue and Jordan Street and is scheduled to open in spring 2011.

Cirillo said the bookstore strives to be a convenient and helpful resource for students, offering a place to buy their books and supplies, as well as offering a year-round buy back on text books. In addition, any clubs or organizations that are interested in hosting an event are invited to do so at the bookstore.

"Our number one goal is to provide course materials to students. We don't want to lose that," Cirillo said.

For more information the bookstores services or scheduling an event contact the bookstore at (575) 646-4431.